Swedish hydrogen strategy for supporting the expansion of infrastructure is underway

On behalf of the government, Swedish Energy Agency is working on a national hydrogen strategy to be
finalized the 31st of July 2021. This is very timely for supporting the EU's ambitions to expand hydrogen
infrastructure. The trade association, Hydrogen Sweden, is leading the EU-funded project Nordic Hydrogen
Corridor (NHC) project. The ambition is to bind the Nordic capitals together through emission-free transport.
The three municipalities of Trelleborg, Uddevalla and Markaryd have expressed interest in working with the
NHC project.
As part of the "Green Deal” and the transition to a climate-neutral and competitive economy, the EU presented
its hydrogen strategy this summer, together with funding of more than EUR 400 billion. The Nordic Hydrogen
Corridor is part of the major EU initiative channeled via the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), which will support
investments in infrastructure. In order to achieve its climate targets, the EU is investing heavily in hydrogen gas
infrastructure and fuel cell vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles are electric vehicles that produce their own electricity
from hydrogen gas while in motion. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles emit only water vapour.

"There's a great deal of interest in emission-free transport and innovative technology, and many municipalities
want to join the Nordic Hydrogen Corridor. We are seeing increasing interest in the hydrogen technology, not
least due to the Swedish Energy Agency is formulating a hydrogen strategy that hopefully will show hydrogen ́s
role in a sustainable society and the importance of the electrification of the transport sector," says Project
Manager for NHC, Pawel Seremak.

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