About Nordic Hydrogen Partnership

Hydrogen for transport
in the Scandinavian region

The Nordic Hydrogen Partnership – Showing a multitude of pathways for hydrogen supply using local resources.

The Nordic Hydrogen Partnership (NHP) was established in 2006, when the different Nordic hydrogen organizations joined forces to coordinate the market introduction of hydrogen cars and HRSs to the Nordic market. The Nordic Hydrogen Partnership originally was given the name Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP), but this name was changed by the end of 2020 to accommodate the broadened scope of the organization.

At the same time, NHP has been hosting the recurring conference HFC Nordic, which is held every second year in a Nordic country, last time in 2018 in Iceland. Next time will be in Denmark in the city of Aalborg.

NHP consists of regional clusters involving major and small industries, research institutions, and local, regional and national authorities. The national networking bodies – Norsk Hydrogenforum in Norway, Hydrogen Sweden in Sweden, Icelandic New Energy in Iceland, Brintbranchen in Denmark and VTT in Finland – act as NHP coordinators.

The cooperation focus on maintaining a good dialogue with car, truck and bus manufacturers as well as politicians to ensure continued expansion of the Nordic hydrogen infrastructure.

All activities are based on effective collaboration across the borders and are backed with strong public and private support in terms of funding, attractive financial tax exemption schemes and investments. Our goal is to create one of the first regions in Europe where hydrogen is available and used in a network of refuelling stations.


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Transforming the transport sector is key in the green transition. CO2 emissions from the transport sector counts for around 25% of the total emissions worldwide. Hence, we have much to gain by looking into new pathways for mobility.

Hydrogen is one of the solutions that offer a response to the challenges of clean and green transportation. Hydrogen allows a wide diversification of RE sources. In combination with fuel cells, it can contribute to mitigating climate change.

NHP wants to enable the Nordics going green and transforming the whole transport sector, not only focusing on passenger vehicles, but also heavy duty, bus transport, and fueling for the maritime sector and aviation.