Next Move - A uniqe Scandinavian cooperation for zero emission vehicles

Regions and municipalities in the Öresund - Kattegat – Skagerrak area have expressed a political will to enforce the use of emission-free vehicles. On June 21st Next Move was therefore launched - an EU-funded project that facilitates cooperation across borders to meet strategic challenges like purchasing and service, for the regions and municipalities that want to become early users of these vehicles.

Hydrogen Station Holstebro

holstebro-700bar-openingToday the first 700bar hydrogen refueling station opened in the city of Holstebro in Denmark. The station enables a fast and uniform refueling of hydrogen in less than three minutes in accordance with the SAE J2601 standard. The new 700bar station enables full cross-country driving on one refueling, the only electric vehicle technology so far to achieve this in Denmark.

The establishment of the hydrogen station is part of the LINK2009 project, where H2 Logic the past few years has conducted development of its new 700bar fast-fill technology. The Danish Energy Agency EUDP program has provided support to the total project budget of €5 million.
At the station opening the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell was showcased and Sales Manager of Mercedes-Denmark A/S made a speech about the recent efforts within Daimler on FCEV commercialization.

Read the press release from Hydrogen Link and download images here