Cleancon – Clean Construction Machinery

Cleancon is a cross-border initiative within the Interreg Øresund-Kattegat-Skagerak program, promoting the use of emission-free vehicles and machinery in construction projects and in municipal operations.

The project partners aim to increasing the use of renewable energy in the construction sector. Construction machinery account for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. In the municipality of Oslo, this proportion is estimated at approx. 25%. In Sweden, the corresponding share was 20 percent (2010). The Swedish Transport Administration’s forecast indicates that this will increase to 50 percent in 2050 if no action is taken.

Cleancon will focus on emission-free machinery powered by electricity or hydrogen obtained from renewable sources. In this way local greenhouse gas emissions from these machines can be cut by 100 percent. Emission-free machines will be an important contributor to ensure that the countries of the ØKS-region fulfil their national objectives and obligations under the Paris Agreement.

The project’s cross-border cooperation will promote the use of emission-free vehicles and machinery through their work on a common Scandinavian market. In order to visualize such a market, Cleancon will seek to harmonize any incentives and procurement processes in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A joint initiative to increased demand will be welcomed by the equipment and machine suppliers as a risk reduction measure concerning R&D.

Cleancon will work with both the machine manufacturers and the construction industry to ensure that it is possible to deliver on the requirements put into public tenders, but also with a view to challenging the industry to extend beyond what they do today. In this way, Cleancon will help strengthen the competitiveness of the machine manufacturers and in the construction industry in the ØKS-region by increasing their ability to meet new requirements for emission-free machinery and equipment.

To help municipalities and entrepreneurs to take the next step, the project will develop and disseminate implementation guides on emission-free machinery aimed at these groups. Specific input will be given to a dozen ØKS-municipalities on how requirements for emission-free machinery and equipment can be incorporated into their plans/strategies.

Cleancon intends to establish a cross-border platform based on physical and digital meeting places for inspiration, exchange of experience and collaboration on environmental issues, with the goal for joint effort from some forty municipalities across national borders. The idea is that this platform will live on even after the project is completed.

Cleancon also includes a setup where municipalities can learn about and borrow emission-free machines. This setup is sought to be established also in other ØKS-regions. Finally, the project will run various demonstrations to show that emission-free alternatives are available and ready for use already today.

In Cleancon, we have gathered enthusiasts with a strong desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is that the project will help to reduce emissions significantly and act as a catalyst by setting real momentum on the conversion of the machine industry in the ØKS-region. The electrification of the construction machinery and other equipment cannot be further postponed if we are to meet the Paris agreement.

Lead partner

Sara Skärhem
+46 10 516 57 55

Norwegian project owner

Jon Eriksen
+47 4142 0183