KTH reasearchers Lindbergh, Wreland Lindström and Lagergren with Swedish prime minister Reinfeldt and president Obama. Photo KTH

Hydrogen Sweden is delighted to see that Swedish fuel cells were selected as showcase when Sweden presented its finest green innovations to president Obama, during his official visit on September 4th.  The demonstration took place at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm where researchers demonstrated fuel cell products developed by PowerCell and the KTH spin-off company myFC, as well as a hydrogen fuelled car built by students for the Shell Eco Marathon race. According to Swedish media, the president seemed eager to get into the small car but restrained himself.

The media interest was extensive and newspapers, TV and radio interviewed Göran Lindbergh, professor of electrochemistry and his colleagues Rakel Wreland Lindström and Carina Lagergren.